Puppy Raising Program

What makes Shield K9 puppies different?

Aside from the fact that they are the product of careful selective breeding designed to produce dogs of impeccable temperament, health, and working ability, our puppy raising technique is what sets us apart.

When puppies are born they are essentially blank slates with the genetic potential their parents gave them. From day one they are little sponges soaking up information and stimuli from their environment and social interaction.

At Shield K9, we use proven science based techniques to develop our puppies and prepare them for life in the real world.

Our puppies undergo bio sensor from days 3 to 21 which is a technique that was developed for puppies in the US military’s breeding program. The Bio sensor essentially exposes the puppies to daily environmental stimulation.

This early exposure to being physically manipulated and handled has been proven to make puppies more resilient to stress and adversity later on in their development. This is essential especially if you want your pup to fulfill a working role such as personal protection or bite sports.

From the time our puppies ears open and they develop a good sense of hearing we begin noise exposure. That means everything from lawn mowers and vacuums to a loud yelling man or gun shots.

This early exposure to strange and scary noises again ensures that you have a more resilient pup that is less likely to be spooked by noises. Once the pups begin walking, we also begin exposing them to different surfaces from course to slippery or uneven. This again reduces the likely hood of having a pup that is easily spooked.

Our puppies all receive numerous social interactions with multiple people from the day they are born to the time they leave our facility. All our puppies spend time every day being handled and playing with one of our professional trainers or kennel attendants. 

This early interaction with multiple people is essential in promoting a balanced safe temperament in our Presa puppies.

As we have extensive experience with working dogs and as such are able to determine from an early age what the probable temperament and working quality of individual puppies will be. As such we can help you select the puppy most suited to your personal needs and living situation.

We offer trained puppies for sale. We also offer in house dog training at our facility in Puslinch Ontario via group classes, private sessions or board and train. Add one of our training packages to the purchase of your Shield K9 puppy and our professional trainers will ensure you have the best trained dog you ever owned. See examples of our work on our  dog training video page.